Custom Prints


In addition to our custom printing services, we offer film processing and next day digital printing though Swan Photo Labs.

We specialize in custom prints from from any source: digital, negative, slide, medium & large format film, prints, color and b&w - we also make prints from tintypes, glass plate negatives and perform Digital Photo Restoration work.

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A Custom Print is a carefully adjusted photograph that brings out the most from an image.  Printed on a variety of quality photographic papers, images are manually color corrected, selectively lightened and darkened, spotted for dust, scratches and small blemishes and perfectly sharpened.  This is the perfect service for gifts, fine-art prints and special photos - beautiful prints from 4”x6” to 44”x60” in minutes!

Prints range from $4 to $250 from digital images - a bit more for premium papers.  Additional prints from the same image are discounted, so it’s easy to share.  Call 909-625-4342 or come in for a quote.

If you can see it, we can print it!



“This is THE place to print your fine-art images, photography portfolios and cherished family photos.”